Diversity & Employee Equity

Integrity and respect for others are the fundamental characteristics that define our behavior as employees and representatives of Peoplesource. It is present in our interactions with work colleagues, our customers, and all of our stakeholders. As such, integrity and respect for others serve as the building blocks upon which this code is based. Together with our guiding principles that make up this code, integrity and respect for others both as individuals and collectively as representatives of the Corporation, we implement the business objectives of the Corporation in communities across Canada.

Peoplesource practices the following cultural diversity beliefs:

We envision an inclusive community where everyone belongs and lives in harmony. Our program utilizes our diverse community, by providing opportunities and resources to create an inclusive, respectful and engaging workplace.

Our Employment Equity program and objectives is of paramount importance to Peoplesource. We do this by way of an annual employee survey conducted by a third party organization which identifies, measures and provides constructive feedback on our EE objectives. This organization spends countless hours interviewing our employees and then provides feedback to the Executive Team with recommendations. The third party attends our annual all employee kick-off meeting and delivers their findings as well as the actions that the Executive Team is taking to address any potential areas of opportunity.

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