Peoplesource’s assessment process is specifically tailored to the requirements of our clients as each one is unique. We utilize sophisticated testing systems; called Prove-It and Thomas International which allows for comprehensive business assessment testing tools that include aptitude and behavioral assessments.

Prove-It Testing Solutions:

At Peoplesource, we ensure that our candidates possess the skill sets required for our clients. The Prove-It assessment solution program allows Peoplesource access to over 850+ online testing tools. One of the key advantages to online testing is anytime access catered to individuals time schedules. Prove-It’s charter is to provide business, government and educational organizations with e-solutions that can be deployed cost-effectively. We invite you to learn more about this dynamic resource and its potential value by visiting the Prove-It website at

Thomas International (PPA), Proficiency Assessments:

Using state of the art assessments to evaluate a candidate’s personality allows Peoplesource to deliver top qualified employees that have the necessary soft skills required to perform the requisitions of the client. Coupled with technology, Peoplesource offers Psychological Testing approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to confirm it meets all psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool. Our recruiters are certified and proficient in assessing the fit of the applicant to the working environment, conditions and cultural demographics of our clients. We invite you to learn more about this dynamic resource and its potential value by visiting the Thomas International website at

Reference and Background Checks:

It is the policy and practice of Peoplesource to conduct a minimum of two (2) reference checks on all candidates prior to referral or placement with clients. The format used for reference checks meets the standards set by the Human Rights Code and our Quality standards. The purpose of reference checks is to give Peoplesource a complete overview of the individual’s flexibility, attitude, work habits, general productivity and to validate the information gathered during our interviewing process. A full Credit Check, Criminal Check and Educational Verification can be completed on candidates if so desired. We outsource all of our verification requests.